GP5636 SMA Patients and Caregivers

At Global Patients, we currently have a study in the US about the impact of SMA on daily activities.

We are looking for patients with SMA and caregivers of children with SMA to take part in a 1-hour long phone interview.We are looking for patients with SMA (12 -60 years of age) and caregivers of children with SMA (2-12 years of age) who…

–         have a confirmed genetic diagnosis of SMA  (patient or child of caregiver)
–         are able to (patient or child of caregiver);

o Walk for 5 independent steps without support OR;

o Walk for 5 steps with support (holding a stable object with one or both hands) OR;

o Stand alone for at least 10 seconds without support of a person or objectYou will receive $80 as compensation for participating in this study.

If you think you may be eligible and would like to participate or get more information about the study, please contact us on Facebook or email me at cristina@global-patients.comThank you!

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