GP4686 Multiple Myeloma in Spain

Global Patients is currently running a Myeloma study. The goal is to fully understand the patient’s everyday life and how myeloma affects them so that new treatments and procedures can be developed, in order to improve their lives. Patients would be divided in two different categories.
On the one hand, we are looking for people who have just been diagnosed and have not had the chance to start a treatment yet.
On the other hand, we would need patients who were diagnosed and, at some point, have relapsed.
There would be two different incentives for these two groups of patients. They would be given 100€ after answering four thirty-minute-long surveys, plus the possibility of getting 50€ more if they answered a forty-five to sixty long minute phone interview. Patients could participate in a total of three phone interviews (150€)

If you are interested and need further information, please contact us through facebook or send an email to, or

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