GP3811 Multiple Myeloma UK

We are looking for people with a medical diagnosis of multiple myeloma in UK, to take part in an online survey for scientific and market research purposes.
The purpose of the research is to understand your views regarding the importance of different aspects of treatments for multiple myeloma, and how you as a multiple myeloma patient would make decisions regarding your treatment.
The survey takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If you are eligible, you will receive a honorarium o £50 as remuneration for their time and participation.
Your participation will remain confidential and only anonymised data will be used. The anonymised research results will be used to understand how patients value different aspects of multiple myeloma treatments. We also anticipate that the anonymised research results will be presented at academic conferences and published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Please consider helping us with this important research by completing the online survey via Facebook or at

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