GP1189B Eosinophilic Gastritis and Duodenitis

We are working with Evidera, a health research company, to conduct an interview study and ask
participants to give feedback on a symptom questionnaire. The results of this study may help inform the
development of future treatments.
Your participation in this study is voluntary. Study participants must be between 12 years of age or older
understand and speak English and live in the United States. Additional eligibility requirements will be
confirmed through initial screening questions.
If you are eligible to participate, your contact information will be forwarded to Evidera which will schedule
you for a telephone or Microsoft Teams® teleconference interview that will last approximately 60 minutes.
All responses will be anonymous. The study does not involve taking any actual treatment. Study
participants will receive $125 for completing the interview and $50 for sharing documentation confirming
If you would like to participate in this study, please contact me at

We hope you will consider participating in this study.

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