GP0935B – Children with Hemophilia in the US

The Brod Group (, a science-based health outcomes research group, is conducting a study to test a new survey about children’s experiences with hemophilia treatment in the US. 

The survey is designed to be completed by parents/guardians of children with hemophilia.  Study participants need to:

  • Be caregivers of male children, age 2 to less than 12 years, and who have been diagnosed with severe to moderate hemophilia (with a clotting factor level of less than 2%).
  • Have access to the internet to compete a survey online using a laptop, desktop, or other computer device (such as a tablet). 

Participation in the study will include:

  • On your own time, completing a one-time online survey about your child’s experiences with their hemophilia treatment.
  • The survey is online and will take about 45 minutes.  You will receive $100 for completing the survey.  Payment will be sent to you by the study recruiter.

If you are interested in completing the online web-survey please contact us at

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