GP0842D Type 2 Diabetes patients on Rybelsus in the UK

We are launching a new study where we want to hear from Type 2 Diabetes patients in the United Kingdom and learn more about their experience with lines of T2D treatments.

The study will involve a one-on-one 60 min interview, where a study researcher will ask you questions about your experience with Type 2 Diabetes and treatments.

Additional participation requirements will be confirmed through initial screening questions over the phone. If you are eligible to participate, you will be scheduled for a 60-minute phone interview with a researcher. In appreciation of your time, you will receive a total of £100 for completing the interview and providing an alternative COD upon completion of the study. Your participation in the study is voluntary and the study does not involve taking any medications. To maintain confidentiality, your contact information will be kept separate from your responses to the interview questions.

For more information, or if you or someone you know meets the above criteria and would like to participate, please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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