GP0559D Growth Hormone Deficiency (US)

IQVIATM (, a healthcare research firm, is currently conducting a research project with parents of and children with pediatric growth hormone deficiency (pGHD) in the US. The research will involve participating in an online interview and completing a questionnaire online while sharing your screen with the interviewer. To participate in this study, you will also need access to a computer / laptop and a stable internet connection. The interview will last about 60-75 minutes. An honorarium of 160 USD will be offered to compensate you for your time and participation in the study.

The research will aim to gain feedback on the clarity and useability of a newly developed electronic version of the ‘Quality of Life in Short Stature Youth’ (QoLISSY) questionnaire. The questionnaire is available in parent (QoLISSY-P) and child (QoLISSY-C) versions and was previously only available to complete on paper, we are now looking to test out the electronic version with parents of and children with pGHD. The interview will be scheduled at the participant’s convenience. We have a range of different time slots to choose from.

The study is strictly for research purposes; there will be absolutely no sales or promotional activities.

If you are interested, please contact us at

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