GP0545D LGS and DS patients in EU, US

At Global Perspectives, we are conducting a new study and would really value your opinion. The purpose of the research is to understand your needs as a caregiver of a person living with Dravet- or Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, and your perception of patient support programs. The research will take the form of a 50-minute 1:1 interview conducted virtually, where materials will also be shared on screen to stimulate the discussion, followed by your participation in an e-group chat room with other caregivers form your country, which will require 10-minutes of your time over the following days after the interview. We will provide a payment of 100USD paid by bank transfer following the completion of the interview.

Any information you provide us with will be treated as confidential, it will be combined with feedback from others like yourself and you have the right to refuse to answer questions or withdraw at any time. Taking this opportunity to have your voice heard would greatly help us further our research, and your participation would be hugely appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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