GP0325D Ovarian cancer patients and caregiver online survey US

Invitation to contribute to a national ovarian cancer survey to share the voice of the patient

We would like to invite you to make your views heard as to the real-world burden and impact of ovarian cancer and preference for different ways of taking medication.  The research hopes to identify areas for improvement in supporting the lives of patients living with ovarian cancer and the people that care for them after 1st surgery and chemotherapy.

Benefits of taking part

By taking part in the survey your views, alongside those of other patients living with ovarian cancer will be heard and help generate the scientific evidence required to ensure:

  • Your preferences are a top priority in terms of what medications are developed and made available
  • HCPs and other healthcare supporting bodies have a deep understanding about what it is like living with advanced ovarian cancer that can help provide them with the tools to support patients and their families.

What you would be required to do:

  • If you are interested, please contact us via email at and we will arrange a telephone screening call. If you are deemed as eligible, we will provide you with the survey link via email for you to complete.
  • The study will consist of a 25-minute-long online survey and it will be available in English and Spanish. After completion, we will offer you compensation for your time of 50USD which will be paid via e-Visa card or check, as a token of our appreciation.

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