GP0252A Celiac Disease US

At Global Patients we want to learn more about Celiac Disease in the United States. We are looking for adults, adolescents and caregivers of children with celiac disease.This study consists of a one-time interview over a video-conferencing app, which will last around 90 minutes to 120 minutes and for which you will receive an honorarium of 175usd to 300usd (depending on the type of interview)The aim of the research is to understand patients’ experiences living with celiac disease, including the symptoms and its impacts to their daily life. In addition, we would like your feedback on questionnaires about celiac disease. These questionnaires may be used in future clinical trials to develop treatments for celiac disease. There is no medical treatment being provided as part of this study.,. All information collected during this research will be treated confidentially. This is an important study and an exciting opportunity for the voice of people with celiac disease to be heard.For more information, please contact me at

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