GP0214D ALS patients, caregivers and care coordinators in the UK

At Global Patients we are currently recruiting patients or caregivers of patients with ALS to participate in a research study in the UK to better understand your experience with ALS.

Participants will take part in a 60-minute telephone interview and, if they are willing to, an optional 3-week patient’s diary. As compensation for your time, you would receive an incentive of GBP80 if you are eligible and complete the full 60-minute telephone interview and GBP250 for completing the patient’s diary.

We are also looking for multidisciplinary care coordinators (e.g. speech therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists etc.) to take part in a 60 minute telephone interview.

This research study does not involve any medication. We will comply with all relevant laws protecting your personal data with respect to anonymity, confidentiality, and the ethical practice research.If you, or somebody you love, is interested in the study, please, contact us at

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