GP0261Db  Caregivers of Dementia patients in US for a Clinical Trial

Do you, or someone you care for, have dementia? Have you/they lost interest in everyday life?

We are looking for people to take part in a medical research study, to help us learn more about an investigational medication (or a “study drug”) for dementia-related apathy. Apathy is a loss of interest in everyday life and lack of motivation, and is often a forgotten symptom of dementia. The CVL-871-2001 Study is looking at how safe the study drug is in people with dementia-related apathy and how it may work in the body.

Are you able to help?

You, or someone you care for, may be able to take part in the CVL-871-2001 Study if you/they:

  • are 50–85 years of age
  • have been diagnosed with dementia
  • have symptoms of apathy
  • have/are a caregiver who will be able to attend all study visits with you/them.

The study will last for up to 4.5 months and will require regular study visits, either at the study center or at home. Participants’ health will be monitored carefully by a team of medical professionals throughout the study. The study medication and study-related assessments will be provided at no cost to participants.

Please contact the study team today if you, or someone you care for, is interested in joining the CVL-871-2001 Study or would like more information. By contacting us, you/they are under no obligation to take part in the study. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If interested, please contact us at

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