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GP0076E – Cancer Types in the USA

We are launching a new study, where we want to learn more about the experiences of caregivers and patients with cancer (Bladder CA, Gastric CA, Head and Neck CA, Melanoma, Renal Carcioma, TNBC, and NSCLC) in order to learn more about how cancer affects them. The research will take the form of a 30-min online survey. In appreciation of your time, each participant will receive $60 upon completion of the

GP0202E Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (wAIHA) patients in the US

Global Patients is working with Vector Psychometric Group, LLC (VPG) is conducting individual interviews to learn about experiences of fatigue among people with Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (wAIHA). VPG is a consulting firm that develops and tests patient-centered questionnaires used to assess medical treatments and devices. What is the purpose of these interviews?                                                       These interviews will provide adults living with wAIHA an opportunity to share their candid experiences with fatigue

GP0780C HIV Patients study in US

At Global Patients we are currently recruiting for a study to learn more about the experiences of people diagnosed with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the USA. This study consists of a 30-minute online survey and for which you will receive an honorarium of 50USD via virtual card. The research is completely anonymous, and no questions will be asked which could identify you as a participant.  All data collected is

GP0573D Ovarian Cancer in UK and Spain

At Global Patients, an IQVIA Business we are conducting a new Ovarian cancer study in the UK and Spain. The purpose of the research is to account the experiences and preferences of people diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in the UK and Spain.The study consists of a 20-minute online survey. As a token of appreciation for their time, participants will receive a 20GBP/20EUR incentive upon completion of the interview.Any information you provide

GP0261Db  Caregivers of Dementia patients in US for a Clinical Trial

Do you, or someone you care for, have dementia? Have you/they lost interest in everyday life? We are looking for people to take part in a medical research study, to help us learn more about an investigational medication (or a “study drug”) for dementia-related apathy. Apathy is a loss of interest in everyday life and lack of motivation, and is often a forgotten symptom of dementia. The CVL-871-2001 Study is

GP0015E – CIDP and SCIG Study in US

Global Patients is working with Clarivate (a research consultancy) looking for adults in the US who are diagnosed with CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) ·         If you meet the study criteria and are aged 18 or above, they would like you to take part in a 45-minute interview. ·         The purpose of the interview is to understand the patient experience living with CIDP. Participation is entirely voluntary, and your personal information would

GP0659B Caregivers of patients with Alzheimer´s in the US

At Global Patients, an IQVIA business,  we look for participants to take part in scientific research studies and we are currently working on a study with Caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s in the US on behalf of Modus Outcomes. This study consists of 2 online surveys which will last around 10 minutes each and for which you will receive a total honorarium of USD 50 via electronic visa card. There

GP0232B Chronic Kidney disease (CKD)

At Global Patients, an IQVIA business, we are conducting a study to understand patient experiences of Stage 3, 4 or 5 Chronic Kidney disease related to anemia and their opinions on potential treatments. The study does not involve treatments; we are only interested in opinions. As compensation for your time, you would receive an incentive of 110USD after completion of the 30-minute online survey andafter confirmation of diagnosis from their

GP0585D – WAIHA patients in the US

OPPORTUNITY FOR PEOPLE WITH WARM AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA (wAIHA) TO PARTICIPATE IN AN INTERVIEW PROJECT Global Patients is collaborating on a research project to better understand the experience of living with warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (wAIHA). The research project is being conducted with IQVIATM, a healthcare research firm (, and a pharmaceutical company that is working on developing therapies for patients with wAIHA. We are seeking individuals diagnosed with wAIHA

GP0902A Food alergies adults in the US

At Global Patients, an Iqvia business, we are currently conducting a research study on food allergies. This research study consists of a web-assisted interview in the US, which will last around 60 minutes and for which you will receive an honorarium of 135USD. We are looking for both adults and caregivers of patients aged 2-17. There is no medical treatment being provided as part of this study. If you are

GP1183A Celiac Disease in the US and UK

At Global Patients we are currently developing a study in the US and UK to learn more about the experiences of people suffering from Celiac Disease. This study consists of an online survey in the US and UK, which will last around 30 minutes and for which you will receive an honorarium of 45USD/37GBP via virtual card. There is no medical treatment being provided as part of this study. The

GP0905D AHDS-MCT8  en España

En Global Patients estamos llevando a cabo una investigación cualitativa por encargo de una empresa farmacéutica y nos gustaría conocer su opinión. Buscamos cuidadores de pacientes con deficiencia de MCT8 o síndrome de Allan-Herndon-Dudley,  para que participen en un estudio para explorar y comprender su experiencia y recoger sus opiniones. Los participantes completarán una tarea previa de 60 minutos y una entrevista telefónica de 90 minutos. Para agradecerle su tiempo,

AHDS-MCT8 deficiency caregivers in the US and UK 

At Global Patients we are conducting qualitative research on behalf of a pharmaceutical company and would truly value your opinion. We are looking for caregivers of a MCT8 deficiency patient to participate in a study to explore and understand how they experience a specific medical condition. If you are eligible and interested to participate, we will guide you in the pre-tasks collection and we will arrange a 1 hour and

GP0883B Mieloma múltiple quiescente

Evidera, una empresa de consultoría en el ámbito de investigación en salud, le invita a participar en una entrevista telefónica/online sobre su experiencia con el mieloma múltiple quiescente (y el mieloma múltiple, cuando sea aplicable). Como parte de esta entrevista, le pediremos que complete unos formularios online a través de un enlace que le enviaremos por correo electrónico. La entrevista tendrá una duración de unos 60 minutos. Para agradecerle su

GP0999A AML in US and Canada

A research study is underway to develop and refine an electronic diary for adultswho have AML.We are looking for adults (ages 18 and over) diagnosed with relapsedrefractory AML to participate in a 90-minute interview.Interviews will be completed by telephone or videoconference and can bescheduled at your convenience.You will receive up to US$230.00 (or equivalent in local currency) forconfirmation of diagnosis and your participation in the interview.This is not a medication-related

GP0737B PLD patients in USA and UK

At Global Patients we are launching a new study for adults with moderate or severe polycystic liver disease (PLD) in the US and the UK. The research will take the form of up to 2 online surveys. In appreciation of their time, each participant will receive up to 110USD/95GBP upon completion of the study.If you or someone you know meets these criteria and would like to participate, please feel free